Fine Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch: 0.9/1.2/1.5/1.8

Pixel configuration: SMD

Brightness: 600-800 adjustable

Refresh rate: 1920/2880/3840 Hz

Panel dimension: 600×337.5×76 mm

Low Cost of Splicing

Standard 16:9 panels can also precisely achieve HD/FHD/UHD/SHV resolutions ,and with a 27" diagonal panel size it can become a perfect substitute for any existing 54" or 108" LCD screen.

Front/Rear Installation and Maintenance

Intelligent System

Installation is as quick as block-building.

It supports for both front and rear installation with a panel thickness of only 100mm.

Additionally, each module, power supply, receiving card,

conversion card and cables between panels can

all be maintained quickly from the front.

Calibration data retrieval function and worry-free parameter

back-up function are both embedded in every smart module.

Power, temperature and other working status

are automatically monitored to achieve intelligent management.

Perfect Display Effect

160°super wide horizontal and vertical viewing angle.
Broadcast pictures are stable with no scan lines, and  edges of images is sharp and clear.

Safe Operation

Hot double backup ensures on the job stability.
Anti-hacking encryption can avoid malicious signal cut-off and input.

American developed, owned and operated.