Customer Service

1. Pre-sale services

    On-site investigation
    Customized design
    Advisory service
    Technical solutions

2. In-sale services

    Installation guide
    Takeoff Function confirmation

    Review of plans

3. After-sale services

    Timely maintenance response
    Technical training
    60 to 90 day Visit
    Software upgrade
    Engineering consulting

                                                             Service Details

Repair and maintenance -- Pensar will be responsible for repairing any defective parts                                                                                                  under warranty and returning the repaired ones to the customer. We also provide 1%                                                        free modules to facilitate warranty  and maintenance. The standard warranty

                                            period is one year with the models being 3 years. Extended                                                                                                  warranty's are available up to 5 years, please call for a quote.

Advisory service or consulting -- Technical advice for LED display operation and maintenance.

Technical training -- Guiding the customer’s staff on installation and                                                                                                                      commissioning of LED display and peripheral equipment, operation of control system software,                                        and failure analysis and maintenance of LED display system and periphery equipment.

Calibration -- Our trained engineer is at your service with calibration software (at cost).

Customized service -- Pensar offers a variety of options in size and specification of LED display. In addition, Pensar is                                       willing to work with customers to build their customized product solutions, including product                                         selection or new design, system solutions, structural design, after-sales service, etc.

Documentation --Installation and Maintenance Manual;LED Display System Connection Diagram;Software Guidance.

Services under warranty


Failures of module, ventilator, power supply of the display.
Failures of control system (graphics card, sending card, receiving card).
Failures of control software.
Failures of the cables inside the cabinets supplied by Liantronics.


Failures not caused by Liantronics’construction.
Failures due to false operation.
Failures as the result of natural disaster.