Extremely Slim Design of Artwork, Blending in  with the Wall

Support 8-channel mirroring access and 4-channel signal display at the same time;
Support Android, iOS, Windows & Mac OS system mirroring;
Support 160ms ultra-low delay mirroring with image quality or speed priority switchable;
Support two-way WiFi connection without signal interference between mirroring and networking.

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Metago switching.jpg

HDMI, wireless mirroring and other signal sources can be switched smoothly without buffer;
Signal preview function ensures what you see is what you get to avoid irrelevant content play;
Automatic signal source switching is also enabled by preset.

Optional video conference software and speaker allow high-clarity video conferencing with HD PTZ camera and omni-directional microphone;
Mobile terminals can access to the video conference anytime and anywhere to start audio & video communication and data collaboration.

Share your ideas and highlight your content even without leaving your seat;
One-button screenshot allows you to take away your brainstorming notes for memo tracking.

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Model                                                            LT110                  LT138                  LT165                     LT220

Pixel Pitch(inch)                                               110                      138                      165                         220

Cabinet Size(mm)                                2440×1372×39   3050×1715×39    3660×2058×39    4880×2744×39

Recommended Viewing Distance(m)           ≥2.4                    ≥3.0                       ≥3.8                      ≥5.0

Recommended Capacity(㎡)                        20~60                40~80                  60~120                 80~160

Recommended Attendance                         20~30                30~60                  60~100                100~160